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Take a walk in the winter…

Take a walk in the winter, get some snowshoes. Now that we have snow, it’s time to find some winter activities to pass the time and keep ourselves motivated and entertained. Look no further then snowshoeing, it’s a fantastic activity!

It’s easy… if you can walk, you can snowshoe.
It’s convenient, snowshoes are small and don’t take up a lot of space. (Mine are still in the SUV from our last snowshoe adventure, and they are there until the next one.)
It’s low maintenance, well actually its NO maintenance. No waxing, no fixing, no adjusting… easy!
And the best thing of all, they are quick to use. Snowshoeing is great because you can go for 20 minutes or go for the day, and any amount of time in-between is fun too. It’s a great activity to fit into a busy life schedule.

If you are looking at getting into snowshoeing, it starts with a good pair of snowshoes. We know that a sport or activity has hit the main stream when a store like Costco starts selling the gear, but please don’t start there. Get a decent pair of snowshoes and the sport will be so much better. What is the definition of decent? Decent is a pair of snowshoes that has a good binding that stays attached to your boot, and does not loosen or come off the entire hike. Decent is a lightweight snowshoe that walks comfortable and pivots as an extension of your normal walking stride. And decent is traction that makes you feel secure on every step whether you are heading up or down a hill. Similar to most gear, you get what you pay for. If you like to buy great gear that performs great and lasts a lifetime, a pair of snowshoes can run $300 or so. If you want to start at the entrance level on a decent pair of snowshoes, just under $200 will do the trick, with lots of options in-between. With the lack of snow in the prairies the past couple years, you can pick up a great deal on an older model while they last.

Once you have a pair of snowshoes, make sure you have a good pair of winter boots to go snowshoeing in, especially insulated, waterproof, and windproof. A pair of ski poles or hiking poles are nice for balance too, and dress in layers for comfort. You can work up quite a sweat even on the cold days so wicking layers are best to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable.

Where to go? No problem. Local parks, river banks, and urban golf courses are great. Find a local hiking trail book and turn those trails into snowshoeing hikes and adventures. More and more places are marking snowshoe trails or winter multi-use trails so there are a lot of choices for you. My snowshoes go on every ski vacation and we always fit in some great afternoon hikes.

If you are eager and ready to try it, shop online at and pick up a pair. If you are not quite sure, drop by any of our 3 locations and demo a pair, FREE! If you are looking for a group to snowshoe with, check out the local trail running clubs and multisport clubs, lots of them are organizing snowshoe events or even races.

Don’t forget to pick up a pair of snowshoes for your kids, my daughter started at 3 years old, and now that she’s 5 we can do 5-6 km snowshoe loops. The 2 year old is still in the Kelty backpack carrier enjoying the view, and the occasional nap. Maybe see you on the trails or in the park, on a pair of snowshoes!

Enjoy the snow, Geoff

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