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Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day by sharing some of the things we do around our workplace to help reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Our biggest contribution to the environment is that we sell quality clothing & gear, that lasts for 5 to 10 to 20 years. The opposite of fast fashion. We also focus on selling brands that are working towards, or already using more environmental factories and recycled fabrics. Our brands also offer warranties against defects or have authorized repair centers so if damage should occur to your product, it can be repaired, rather than replaced.

We have worked with our suppliers to consolidate shipments by setting minimum requirements to reduce the number of small package shipments. We are also able to reuse all the boxes that get shipped to us for store-to-store transfers, e-commerce shipments and product storage, further extending the life of cardboard boxes that have been made with recycled materials.

The products we receive are shipped in plastic to protect the items from moisture damage, so they are still in brand new condition when customers purchase them. To give you an example of how important this plastic is, we once had a fleece jacket shipped to us and there was a small hole in the plastic, only about the size of a hole punch. Where that hole was in the plastic, there was a black mark on the fleece that we were not able to get out. Companies are starting to use alternatives to plastic, and recycled plastic, but the waste still adds up. One thing that we are very proud of, is that we take the time to careful unpack our new arrivals so we can reuse those plastic bags for shipping all our e-commerce orders.  This means that 100% of the plastic we use to ship our web orders out, are all reused products.

With every customer interaction we are careful to explain proper care & maintenance of the products we sell to help make sure those products last a “lifetime” of use. We have seen a lot of warranty or non-warranty items come in and the reason for damages are often not washing or cleaning them properly.

The outdoor industry is constantly pushing for green initiatives from the initial raw goods, design, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, recycling, and repair of items. There of course is always more to be done when it comes to environmental initiatives, and we look forward to evolving and changing wherever we can.

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