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Never Stop your kids from Exploring…

What does “Never Stop Exploring” mean to you? Since I have been selling The North Face products for most of my adult life, I can fully appreciate the products, brand, and their slogan “Never Stop Exploring”. To me as a mom, “Never Stop Exploring” is an invitation for everyone of all ages to get outdoors and explore the natural world and share it with future generations.

As every parent knows, life can get pretty busy when you have children. In fact, my goal was to have this blog written weeks ago but you know…kids. Between school, homework, extracurricular activities, packing lunches, birthday parties and other social activities, time can slip away in a blink of an eye. Talk to any parent and they can relate to this sentiment in some form or another. These busy schedules make it even more important to embrace and fully appreciate the time we do have with our children. Getting out into nature with your little ones can really slow down time and allow you to value these precious moments you have with them. More and more, I hear parents saying they just don’t have the time because they are just so busy. This is even more reason to slow down and explore together.

Kids love adventures and that doesn’t have to mean a 2 week-long trip to Disneyland. It could look like a 2 hour exploration of your local park collecting pine cones. It could be a sleepover in a tent pitched in the backyard during a thunderstorm. Maybe it’s splashing in rain puddles that have pooled just outside of your home. The great thing about Never Stop Exploring is that it can mean so many things! I think The North Face perfectly encapsulates their motto by providing gear so that you and your little ones can Never Stop Exploring.

Did you know that The North Face uses the same technology in their youth line as they do in their adult products? What does that mean? It means that if you are out camping with your Aleutian -7C sleeping bag and your kids are in their Youth Aleutian -7C bags then you can be sure that they are just as cozy and warm as you are. If you are out splashing in puddles in the rain in your Resolve or Venture Rain Jacket and pants and they are in their Youth Resolve Jacket and pants then you are all guaranteed to be dry and comfortable. Outfitted in quick drying, UPF 50 Class V Hike Shorts and Horizon Hat and your kids in the Youth Hike Short and Youth Horizon Hat are the perfect combinations for a day in the sun. The North Face has you and your little ones covered so you can all Never Stop Exploring!

No matter how much time is taken up with the busyness of life, set aside the time to go on adventures, whatever that looks like, big or small. These moments with your kids are what create bonds and lasting memories.

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