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Get ready for Spring & Summer (Gear Prep)

If you plan on camping, hiking, racing, riding, or running in the coming months, you’ll want to do these seven things now to help make your transition from winter outdoor activities to spring and summer outdoor activities a breeze.

1. Activity checklist

Did you sign up for your first triathlon this summer? Or maybe your first ultra-marathon? Or perhaps you’re planning your first multi-day hiking adventure in one of our incredible Canadian national parks? Whatever activities you have planned over the coming months, it’s a good idea to find out what you’ll need in terms or equipment and gear and compare it against what you already, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to find a lightweight tent, wetsuit or hydration backpack that’s comfortable.

Prairie Summit Run-It Trail Race

2. Equipment tune-ups

Spring is a great time to have all your equipment checked and tuned up before the best riding, boating, paddling and surfing weather hits. If you don’t have stuff on hand to tune up your gear yourself (like cleaners, grease, an air pump, new tubing, etc.), be sure to book your gear into your local bike/boat/surf shop soon to get it ride-ready.

3. Gear check

Pull out all the gear you plan to use this summer—such as tents, sleeping bags, inflatables, backpacks, wetsuits, etc.—and check it over for any rips, holes and weak spots that may need to be repaired. It’s also a great opportunity to let everything air out and for bugs and other creepy crawlies to escape ahead of your trips so there are no unwanted surprises. Contact us here at the Prairie Summit Shop for repair kits for ThermaRest mattresses, replacement cartridges for MSR SweetWater microfilters, and Tenacious Tape and GORE-TEX fabric repair kits!

4. Apparel refresh

Spring clean your warm-weather outdoor apparel collection with NIKWAX available at our stores, and donate any gentle worn items you’re no longer digging to your local thrift shore or charity organization before buying new apparel for the summer. Because let’s face it: you’re going to want to buy at least one new workout outfit for the season, so at least make some room in your closet for it first.

5. Pack and store

Save even more space in your closet by packing away all your winter workout apparel and gear as you’re organizing your duds for spring and summer. This is also a great time to go through any winter items you no longer need and to donate them to charity, especially jackets, shoes, gloves, toques and socks.

6. Fresh tunes

If the weather is still a bit iffy and you need an extra boost of motivation to hit the roads and trails this spring, refresh your iPod playlist. Ask your friends on social media for some new tune recommendations, or browse new music and the top 40 on iTunes for some ideas. You could also check out a few popular podcasts.

7. New flavours

If you’re tired of the same old energy bars, chews and drinks on your long runs and rides, spice your endurance nutrition up a bit (way ahead of any races, of course) and try new flavours of your favourites or a new brand of bar, chew or gel completely. Or, you could try making your own.

originally posted from Get Out There Magazine
Outdoors • By Bri Wilson • April 8, 2016 | 10:39 AM

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