Parent & Kid Canoe Wilderness Course - Cancelled for 2020


Parent & Kid Canoe Wilderness Course - Cancelled for 2020


Parent & Kid Wilderness Canoe Course

Join us for 4 days & 4 nights of canoe training & lessons for being safe and having fun in the wilderness.  This course/adventure is designed for a parent/guardian and child aged 7-14* to be paired up in a tandem canoe for a series of white-water canoeing & wilderness skills. 

Dates – Course is cancelled for 2020, dates for 2021 will be posted in the fall. 

Location – On the Churchill River, upstream from Missinipe, SK (Barker Lake & Devil Lake area)

Cost - $795+GST per pair** (parent & child). Price includes all instruction, food, and group camp gear.

Participants are responsible to bring personal camping gear for tenting, and a suitable canoe and canoe equipment for paddling. Canoes can be rented in Missinipe for an additional charge.

The first nights’ accommodation is planned at The Hostel in Missinipe and the fee per guest is NOT included in the price and needs to be paid directly to Churchill River Canoe Outfitters. We have Hostel rooms on hold for Sunday July 26th.

*age exception can be made, please call Geoff at 306-586-8631 or email at [email protected].net to discuss

**in order to achieve paddling comfort for both parent & child, we can only take registrations in pairs. There will be no sitting or kneeling in the middle of the canoe, each person will be paddling either the bow or stern end of a tandem canoe. If a parent has more than one child and cannot find a willing participant to register with that child, we do have the option of pairing a child with an instructor for the course. Registration for a single person is $345+GST and there is a limit of 2 of these spots.

Course Information

Taking your kids into the wilderness for a canoe trip is a fantastic way to spend time outdoors. With a canoe you are able to haul more gear and kids don’t get as fatigued as when you go hiking or backpacking so it's a great way to get into the wilderness earlier.  Plus, you will learn some great skills that can transfer to backpacking or other outdoor adventures later in life. 

After taking this course, you will have the skills to safely plan and take your family on your own canoe excursion on many of the great rivers and areas we have in Canada, and Northern Saskatchewan. In addition to canoe skills, we will be teaching safe camping skills, meal planning and preparation, and bush craft/wilderness survival skills. 

This course will be taught on the beautiful Northern Shield, on the Rivers and Lakes of the famous Churchill River System. After the first night in the hamlet of Missinipe we will be camping in one location for the duration of the trip and paddling and playing in gentle rapids.  There will be some R & R (rest & relaxation) time built into the course to allow time for fishing, reading, games etc. 

The water is wonderfully warm this time of year, the daylight hours long, and the bugs are at a minimum.

Skills covered by this course.* 

All the skills will be taught to both you and your child, so you can realize your abilities, and limitations, for safe wilderness canoe tripping. 

1.     Paddling Class 1 rapids in a tandem canoe with your child. 

2.     Swimming and water safety in lakes & rivers.

3.     General Camping skills such as

a.     Camp site selection & set up

b.      Packing, loading, and travel in a canoe

c.     Meal Planning, packing, and preparation

d.     Trip planning, risk management, and safe practices

e.     Wilderness First aid tips & training

f.      Fire Building, safe saw & axe use

*This is a course and group participation and proper behavior and attention is required for the safety of the group. 

 Instructor Group

There are 3 instructors for this course, each with many years of canoe tripping and wilderness experience. In addition, each instructor for the course has a specialty to share with the group.

Colin Frey is a master Outdoor Wilderness Specialist and Wilderness First Responder, he will be the main programmer of the camp skills.

Heidi Seida is a master of the Outdoor Cuisine and will be the main programmer of the food prep and cooking skills.

Geoff Horn is a master paddler and will be the main programmer of the paddling & water skills.

All three instructors have years of experience with teaching both parents & children to be safe in the outdoors and have traveled extensively with their own children in the wilderness.