Atlas Spark 20 Boys

Atlas Spark 20 Boys
Brand :Atlas
Product Code :U160102001200
  • $95.00

Built for young enthusiasts, ages 8 to 12, the Atlas Spark snowshoe was designed with a binding that’s easy to use, sizing to fit fast-growing adventurers, and durable materials that stand up to a kid’s abuse.

Simple and intuitive, the molded tongue of the Grom binding hugs the foot to provide warmth, eliminate pressure points, and reduce the hassle of straps. The fixed toe cord of the Spark 20 keep the snowshoe underfoot and allows easier maneuvering for energetic kids. The proven, proprietary Atlas V-frame™ and solid tempered steel toe and heel traction offer the performance your kids need to keep smiling and hiking, all day long.

Model                    Size                       Surface Area                     Weight                     Load   

Spark                20 in (51 cm)         121 sq in (781 sq cm)             2.25 lbs                50-120 lbs

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