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Water filters for camping

It’s the time to start thinking about our summer trips, and the gear we might need for them.

Our stores are fully stocked with a complete line up of water-filters for your next camping trip. Picture cold, clean, SAFE water in only a few minutes. Our staff is more then happy to go through the features and benifits of all the filters we carry in store to be sure you are getting the best one for your use.

Our Regina store just got in the newest filter from MSR, The Guardian Purifier. Local wilderness guru Colin Frey was the first in line to test it out. Check out our event page to stay up on his thoughts and findings. Check out the pictures for all the various filters we stock. Remember these are great for the RV too, haul less water, and save the enviroment by filtering and using less bottled water. It’s all possible with a water filter! Two of our favorites, the Gravity system and the Sweetwater Micro Filter.

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