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Tips to keep you warm this winter

There has never been just one solution to staying warm in the winter time. Dressing in layers and understanding the importance of the layer, the material, the weight, and the use has always been the key to comfort when the temperature drops.
Here are the top winter tips we share with customers everyday in the store.
1. Wear a proper layer... ditch the cotton hoodie or bulky sweater when layering and instead wear better fitting layers that add warmth, not bulk. Two popular items we sell for this are the Canyonlands Fleece and ThermoBall Jackets. The Canyonlands is a fitted fleece that stretches and moves with you so its super comfy to layer with, and ThermoBall is a synthetic fill so it does not lose R value or get damp and fits great under jackets, parkas, or ski wear to add 10 degrees of warmth.

2. Winter boots are just not warm when you have a sweaty wet cotton sock inside. 
Gross fact but the feet are the most sweaty part of the body. If your sock can’t handle the moisture created by the warm boot, the foot wets out and wet skin quickly becomes cold skin. Smartwool Socks are Merino Wool so they are warm when wet, never itchy, don’t stink, and have been one of the best designed socks to move moisture UP, out of the footwear.
3. Keep the extremities warm and the body will be warmer. Sometimes we think this is a common statement but time and time again folks will be cold with a big warm parka because they don’t wear good toques, mitts, socks, or footwear. Accessories look great and add valuable warmth!
4. A quality baselayer (underwear) will add huge amounts of warmth. 

Something we don’t always like to do, but by putting on a pair of 150 weight Smartwool underwear keeps you super warm on your walk to work, or in that cold workplace and its super thin which fits nicely under your fancy work outfit. Even just changing that cotton T-shirt you layer under your dress shirt with a Merino layer makes a huge difference.
5. Last tip is make sure you wash and care for your jackets. Down jackets need to be washed to clean the toxins out and keep the down lofty. Synthetic fills need proper cleaning to in order to maintain their warmth. Maintaining your DWR on the jackets maximizes breathability and moisture management which is key too. We highly recommend products from Nikwax to get the most out of your warm winter investment.
For more information about keeping warm, or to see the products listed above drop by our stores in Regina, Saskatoon, or Winnipeg and speak with our expert staff. Or if you have questions about ordering online call us toll free at 1-844-586-8631

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