Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Intermediate - Course Cancelled


Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Intermediate - Course Cancelled


Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Intermediate Tandem Course *revised dates*
The successful Intermediate Lake Tandem candidate is considered an intermediate tandem lake canoeist, capable of performing a variety of land and water-based rescues and more advanced tandem strokes and maneuvers. Maneuvers with the Intermediate program require expanded levels of teamwork and greater precision.

This course is a pre-requisite for becoming a Lake Water Intro Instructor. 

Aim - To expand upon the skills and principles necessary to paddle with a partner in open lake waters, to perform skills and maneuvers with greater refinement and demonstrate confidence in an open water environment, and to develop a greater awareness of environmental hazards and how to avoid/react to those hazards.
Prerequisite(s) - Introduction to Lake Tandem or permission from Instructor based on proof of prior learning of equivalent skill and knowledge. It is up to the paddler to prove to the instructor by means of evidence, demonstration, or assessment that experience has led to learning. It cannot be assumed that experience has led to learning.
Dates - Course Cancelled
Location - Wascana Lake Marina (just off Broad Street). The pool paddling session will take place at the University of Regina pool in the Kinesiology Building.
Paddling Skills:
- General:
    - Launch & remove a canoe (in water along rocky shoreline)
    - Paddling concepts (J-Lean, power face, non power/back face, inside & outside turns, Catch/Power/Recovery Phase, etc.)
    - Paddling mechanics (yaw, roll, pitch, environmental and other forces that effect the canoe, balance, & trim in windy conditions)
    - Paddlers box - body rotation (use of larger muscle group)
- Strokes:
    - Refine introduction strokes draw (underwater recover)
    - Bow rudder
    - Cross bow rudder & draw righting pry
    - J stroke
    - Stern pry
- Sweeps: Forward & reverse sculling draw, reverse j, back draw
- Option strokes:
    - Sculling pry
    - Traditional/punch stroke Canadian
    - Silent
- Manoeuvers:
    - 100m Triangular Course (4 metre corridor with very little yaw, roll, or pitch)
    - Sideslip (90 degrees to dock, limited forward/backward motion, limited yaw movement) 5 metres, both ways, on one side and then the other
    - Improved stopping skills
    - Figure 8, inside & outside turns for docking, reverse straight-line (25 metres)
    - Running Side Slip
- Knowledge:
    - Designs of canoes and paddles (materials used & repair)
    - Canoe solo carry, canoe transport on car: loading and unloading, racks, ropes and/or straps, knots basic, basic lake navigation

If you will be requiring a rental canoe, paddle, or pfd, please see our gear rental page.