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PowerTraveller Solar Adventurer


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When size and weight are at a premium, the solar adventurer is the perfect solution. Incorporating a 3500mAh internal lithium polymer battery, the solar adventurer features a 4-colour LED light to show the level of charge left in the internal battery and a 5V USB output that enables efficient charging of mobile devices.

This charger is compatible with a whole host of 5V devices and can charge an iPhone / smartphone 1-2 times, a GPS 1-3 times or an iPad by up to 25%. It is also compatible with headlamps, e-readers, hand-held action cameras and much more. The slim, compact design offers optimum weight-to-efficiency at just 265g and the 2 solar panels output 3-watt max.

When adventurers finally stop after a day’s exploring the solar adventurer can carry on charging itself and other devices efficiently in low light conditions thanks to the maximum power point tracker (MPPT) technology within it and, when the sun finally sets, the internal battery can keep your devices powered through the night.


What can the Solar Adventurer recharge?

Smartphone - 1 to 2 times | Sat Phone - 1 time

GPS - 1 to 2 times | Action Camera - 2 to 3 times

Smartwatch - 14 to 15 times | Headtorch - 1 to 2 times



• Power pack with 3500mAh/12.95Wh
• Integrated 3W clamshell solar panel
• 1x USB output: 5V/2A Max
• 1x DC input: 5V/1A
• Solar panel: 1x USB output 5V 600mA Max
• 4-colour LED charging indicator
• Weight: 265g
• Size: 170mm x 96mm x 22.75mm (folded)

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