Nicole Golden


Nicole Golden

The North Face Saskatoon Ambassador

Nicole has been teaching yoga since 2008, offering a variety of movement styles including yin, yang, vinyasa, gentle restorative and yoga specific for ageing and chronic illness.

Therapeutics: Her focus is yoga, anatomy and energetics, weaving together the teachings of Traditional Chinese medicine, Taoist Yoga, Ayurveda and Thai yoga Massage. Nicole works with her clients to develop a comprehensive therapeutic program including yin yoga postures, nutrition, meditation and Thai Yoga Massage.

Power and Fitness: Nicole is a certified Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Advanced Instructor and SUP Yoga Instructor. In these disciplines, Nicole offers classes that will challenge participants to move beyond what’s comfortable to find new strength and personal wellness. Nicole also offers private and group fitness bootcamps that make great additions to workplace wellness programs and community associations. Visit Golden Adventures to find all of our current SUP classes.She is also a Advanced AcroYoga Instructor, Certified through AcroYoga Montreal.

Meditation and Mindfulness: In addition to the outward expression of fitness and play, Nicole believes that an integral part of a Yogi’s life is developing the quiet, focused awareness that allows one to draw inward. Through her practice and study of Yin, chakras and meridian theory, she looks to deepen her practice of contemplation, gratitude and nonattachment. Nicole offers individual classes and workshops in Chakra Meditation, Yin and Meridian Theory.