Donn Lay


Donn Lay

The North Face Regina Ambassador

Donn first started running in 2001 when he completed his first race at the inaugural Queen City Marathon in Regina. Shortly after that he ran the 25 km trail race at the Blackfoot Ultra outside of Edmonton. From that point forward he has been hooked on trail running and has continued to enjoy and compete in trail races across western Canada and the United States, in distances between 50 km to 100 miles. Donn enjoys the challenge of racing, no matter what the distance.

Every race, no matter how long or short, has had its own set of challenges to overcome. These challenges can be mental or physical and there is a sense of pride when you overcome them and finish a race. But there is also a real feeling of defeat when you are not able to finish a race. These memories are what push Donn to continue running and training.

This year, Donn and his partner, fellow store ambassador Adriana Moryski, have four races planned. They have already completed the Coldwater Rumble 52 mile and are looking forward to Rundle’s Revenge 50 km, Iron Legs 60 km and the Golden Ultra three day stage event.

Besides running, Donn has a love of the outdoors and being active. He enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, golfing, camping and hiking. He is very excited for the opportunity to be a store ambassador for Prairie Summit Shop and The North Face for the upcoming year. Let the fun begin!