Adriana Moryski


Adriana Moryski

The North Face Regina Ambassador

My name is Adriana Moryski. I have been “running” for the past 18 years, when I did my first full marathon in Edmonton in 1999. I have done everything from a 5 km (road/trail) to 100 km Ultramarathons from the Queen City to the East, West and down South. 

This years’ goal is to do the Golden Ultra in September 2017 with my running partner, Donn Lay. It is a 3 day event starting with a 5 km vertical climb; the next day 60 km; followed by a 22 km day. To prepare for that event, we are headed to Rundles Revenge (50 km) in Canmore on June 25/17; in  August we are headed to Iron Legs (60 km) in Bragg Creek on August 12/17. 

I don’t consider myself a competitive person – unless you are in front of me or behind me!

I dabbled in Triathlons for a few years as a goal for when I turned 40 to do Ironman. Check. 

Why I do what I do? I like to run to clear the cobwebs of the everyday living and to live in the moment; smell the trees; listen to the water; smile at the sunshine…. Yahda, yahda, yahda. 

I am excited to be an Ambassador for The Prairie Summit Shop and North Face to show the different side of running (middle-to-back-of-the-pack style). And… who doesn’t like wearing great clothing & gear for running, hiking, and everyday wear!?!