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New Years Resolution…

New Years resolution… Yup, it’s that time of the year. Christmas is over and the New Year is only a few days away. I know my New Year’s resolution… I have to stop going to the gym and get outdoors more. Now before you fitness fanatics scream out with disbelief, let me clarify. I have enjoyed my workouts at noon with the crew, it’s been great for some strength and core, but my real fitness comes from my outdoor activities, and I look forward to winter ones.

Winter is a great time for lots of outdoor activities, and most of them involve a bit of fitness, some involve a LOT of fitness. Let’s start with the basic ones. A walk in the park, or a stroll through the neighborhood. There is nothing better than a short evening stroll to get a little fresh air after a day in the house or office. The colder the better, if you have the right outerwear. Better yet, extend out of the neighborhood and do a trip up and down the path, or try a lap around the river or lake in town. Another great simple activity is sledding or tobogganing. The walk back up is great exercise, and tow a kid for some extra leg burn! Flying back down is worth the effort, and there’ll be smiles all around.

Once you get used to dressing for winter weather, try some snowshoeing for some real winter fun (and lots of exercise). Snowshoeing is just walking so anyone can do it, and consider adding some poles for a full body work out. Tromp through a drift or some deep snow for fun, relax and rest on the hardpack and repeat. Head off the trail and get lost in the shrubs, bushes, or forest, anything will do. They pack up small and work with most winter footwear. Trust me, you will love it once you try it and next thing you know, you will be booking a winter get-away to the mountains, or a National Park to snowshoe!

What is next, oh Nordic Skiing, fantastic winter activity! Few more moving parts involved which is why snowshoeing is a great alternative if waxing, gear selection, and traveling to trails is too much for you. Nordic skiing is a lot of fun, and worth the extra effort to get out on the trails. Join your local club, donate to trail funds, and remember that someone went to a lot of work to get those trails groomed that you are skiing on. Of course you can break your own trails, ski where there are no set tracks. Those that do that, I admire, true Nordic skiers. Nordic skis go on most Alpine ski trips that I take, ski some mountain hills up and down and you will get a heck of a workout and fantastic experience!

I already covered Alpine skiing in my last blog, if you didn’t read it head there now. Alpine ski trips are more then just skiing, remember trips to the spa, massage, hot tubs, wine, oh and some trips down some runs too.

Some other great winter activities to keep in mind. Runners don’t stop just cause it snows, if you haven’t tried yet, it’s great, just make sure you are dressed for it, not too warm, not too cold. Fat biking, is a super fun activity if you can’t get enough cycling on two wheels in the summer. Ice skating is another great activity. I am jealous when cities can set up ice skating on their local lakes, rivers or canals. Many years ago on a snowless Christmas we went out to our small town local lake and skated for miles and miles on the perfectly smooth frozen surface, good times! So put on a jacket, ski pants, mitts, toque and Buff, and head out for some winter fun.

One thing for sure, winter enthusiasts are always happy to help you join the winter fun, you just have to ask them. Happy Holidays, have a great holiday break, and have a wonderful 2017 in the Out of Doors!


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