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Meet Tracy Read, one of our Prairie Summit Shop Ambassadors!

Meet Tracy Read from Regina…

Tracy Read, owner and founder of Readiness Fitness. After years of battling with her own weight, she decided that she wanted to help other people just like her. Specifically women who felt that no one understood their struggles, women who didn’t feel comfortable in a normal gym environment.

So she started to think about what her ideal environment would be like. From those thoughts, Readiness Fitness was created.

Tracy was the first female Certified Spartan SGX Training in Canada and the first Coach in Western Canada. Spartan Race is a passion of hers, not just because the races are fun and encourage people to get out of their comfort zones, but because Spartan SGX is about living life to the fullest, giving generously to others, pushing your body and mind to the limit, and so much more. Readiness is unique because of the focus on relationships, building each other & celebrating successes. Tracy creates a sense of community that everyone can feel comfortable in, no matter their age, size, or fitness level. Everyone is welcome.

You can find Tracy and her crew in city parks throughout the summer offering FREE Flash Mob Fitness classes as well. Readiness is offering 2 for 1 Memberships from now till the end of May.
Visit for more details.

If you are interested in becoming a North Face Regina Ambassador, please contact Regan at [email protected] or drop by the store at 2018 Park Street In Regina.

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