Canoe Basics Skills - May 1st, 2020

Canoe Basics Skills - May 1st, 2020
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Paddle Canada Canoe Basic Skills

Aim -  To introduce novice participants to paddling with a partner in sheltered, calm waters. The skills and knowledge gained at this level form the foundation for basic paddling. This course serves as a prerequisite for the Intro to Lake Canoe or Solo Canoe courses. The successful Canoe Basic Skills candidate is considered a beginner tandem lake canoeist.

Prerequisite(s) - None

Course date - Friday May 1st 2020 4-8pm

Class ratio - 1 instructor:10 participants

Location - Wascana Lake Marina (just off Broad Street)

Theory - This course covers basic information and tips on preparing for canoeing, safety regulations, weather concerns, and parts of the canoe. 

This course covers:

- Enter & exit canoe (shore or dock)

- Balance 3 point contact

- Paddling positions

- How to hold a paddle

- Switching sides

- Paddling mechanics (paddling in cadence)

- Landing

- Paddling strokes:

    - Forward

    - Reverse

    - Check (stop)

    - Draw

    - Pry 

    - Rudder or J Stroke

- Paddling maneuvers:

    - Forward paddling

    - Pivoting the canoe

    - Paddling in cadence

    - Stopping

    - Backing up

* Please note that participants will be paddling tandem and sharing canoes. Each participant is responsible for their shared canoes, PFD, paddle, and safety gear. Some canoes and equipment are available for rent, please contact Geoff Horn at [email protected] for more information!

If you will be requiring a rental canoe, paddle, or pfd, please see our gear rental page.

About the Instructor(s) - Colin Frey is a Advanced Lake Water Instructor Trainer, Canoe Tripping Advanced Instructor, Wilderness First Aid Instrcutor, Bushcraft expert, and overall amazing outdoorsman. Colin has taken his paddling training from Geoff Horn, Kevin Shultz, and Ric Dreideger. Geoff Horn has been an avid paddler for over 20 years and has taught lake water, canoe tripping, and moving watercourses for the past 16 years. Geoff is certified as a Lake Water Advanced Instructor Trainer, Canoe Tripping Advanced Instructor Trainer, and Moving Water Advanced Instructor Trainer and can teach courses for students, instructors, & instructor trainers for both tandem & solo canoeing. Geoff was primarily trained by Kevin Shultz and Ric Dreideger of Churchill River Canoe, but also has certifications from Madawaska Paddling School in Ontario.

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