Courses & Events

Courses & Events

Bushcraft Skills Course


Skills taught:- Knife skills & sharpening- Fire skills- Shelter building- Knots & lashings a..

Canoe Tripping Introduction


Aim - Expanding on the knowledge gained from the Lake and Moving Water programs the Canoe Tripp..

Canoeing Basic Skills


Canoeing Basic Skills Aim - To introduce novice participants to paddling with a part..

Lake Canoe Skills Introduction


Aim - To introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner in Lake Water situations. This..

Lake Intermediate Tandem


Lake Intermediate TandemThe successful Intermediate Lake Tandem candidate is considered an intermedi..

Moving Water Intro Course


Moving Water Intro Tandem or Solo CourseAim - Introducing the skills and techiques necessary for saf..

Winter Vehicle Survival Course


If you worry about what to do if your car hits the ditch in a severe winter storm, now's the time to..

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