Mar 10, 2019     8:00 AM


RAPID (Regina Area Paddling InterDependency) [email protected]

Group Description
Based in Regina, SK, Canada, this is a loose association of paddlers who are interested in wilderness and whitewater excursions.


The purpose of this club is to be a place for those in and around Regina to talk about paddling and excursions.  As this is a loose association rather than a fully managed club, there is no central governing body planning events and activities.  Rather, the club will rely on the members who sign up to inform others using the message boards and calendars about activities that may be happening that may be of interest to others.

This is a place where people can ask questions of the RAPID community, arrange for group trips, swap information and gear, tell stories, get trip reports, etc.  We might even have the occasional beer night somewhere!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]