Coldspring Paddling Courses

 May 23, 2018     5:00 PM

Coldspring Paddling Courses

Let Coldspring Paddling Instruction teach you to enjoy the freedom of paddling a kayak, and to do it in a safe, comforrtable and efficient way that will keep you paddling for many years to come.

Learn to kayak, whether it's for an evening out on the quiet lake at the cabin, or as the foundation for a grand adventure in northern Saskatchewan and beyond.

Paddle Canada Ceritified Kayak Courses

These courses follow the Paddle Canada nationally certified program. Offering highly regarded comprehensive courses in sea kayaking, they are great for those that want to delve into the fun activity of kayaking. Coldspring Paddling currently offers two types of PC skills courses, the Basic Kayak Skills and Level 1 Kayak Skills (L1). The 8-hour Basic course is great for those that have never kayaked before and want to to do it safely and efficiently. The 16-hour L1 course is the next step up and is suitable for those that have already taken the Basic course, or those that have some paddling experience (including practicing rescues/recoveries) and want to learn to do things safely and correctly. It's also a logical next step for those that have taken the IK course and are looking to progress their skills.

Overview of Paddle Canada Skills Courses

  • Basic Kayak: 8 hours. Introduces the novice to paddling in enclosed, sheltered waters and calm conditions. Skills covered inculde a controlled wet exit, forward & turning strokes, assisted re-entry.
  • Level-1: Day paddling skills in sheltered waters (16 hrs). Provides the theory and skills for a daylong sea kayaking trip in sheltered waters and light winds. Includes: controlled wet exit, efficient forward & turning strokes, edging, introduction to bracing, unassisted re-entry, and Eskimo rescue.
  • Level-2: Overnight touring and intermediate boat handling (4 days). Provides the theory and skills for proficient kayaking at sea in moderate open sea conditions, including overnight camping. Includes: touring, risk assessment, efficient bracing, sculling for support, combined strokes, sustained paddling, introduction to rolling, kayak tripping with overnight camping, moderate winds and sea cinditions.
  • Level-3: Seamanship and leadership in multi-day touring (4 days). Provides the opportunity to develp leadership, risk-assessment, decision-making, judgment, group management, and general seamanship in the context of a multi-day journey.
  • Level-4: Extended touring along an exposed coast (5 days). Provides the theory and skills for leadership in kayaking at sea in advanced conditions, open ocean, during extended periods of time. Includes overnight camping, rolling at sea, strong wind, ocean swell, surf landings, and strong current.

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