Atlas Men's Montane

Atlas Men's Montane
Brand :Atlas
Product Code :U160100
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The new Atlas Montane men’s snowshoe was designed to handle variable mountainous terrain. The essential strength of our V-Frame™ design and time-tested Spring-Loaded™ Suspension system provides a sturdy and versatile platform for the Montane’s comfortable, precision-fit Wrapp™ Swift binding, with the added bonus of heel lift bar to ease calf strain. Don’t let a steep summit turn you around – keep going on the Atlas Montane.

Model                              Size                        Surface Area                       Weight                      Load   

Montane 25                25 in (64 cm)          176 sq in (1135 sq cm)             4.51 lbs                  120-200 lbs

Montane 30                30 in (76 cm)          222 sq in (1432 sq cm)             5.04 lbs                  150-250 lbs

Montane 35                35 in (89 cm)          270 sq in (1742 sq cm)             5.36 lbs                  180-300+ lbs             

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