Atlas Men's Treeline

Atlas Men's Treeline
Brand :Atlas
Product Code :U150100601
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We developed the Atlas Trail Series to get more people outside on winter adventures. When the snow falls, take to the trails on snowshoes built with reliable performance and comfort.

The Atlas Treeline men’s snowshoe is packed with the features you need to get the most out of winter hiking. Our Light-Ride™ Suspension system was built to allow for a natural stride on snow, and paired with the Atlas Heel Lift bar will enable you to trek comfortably beyond the treeline. We’ve revamped this snowshoe with our Reactiv™ Frame, which blends cylindrical and elliptical shaping to provide greater strength to load-bearing areas and deliver an all-together more responsive feel.

Model                              Size                       Surface Area                       Weight                      Load   

Treeline 25                 25 in (64 cm)          176 sq in (1135 sq cm)             4.16 lbs                   120-200 lbs

Treeline 30                 30 in (76 cm)          222 sq in (1432 sq cm)             4.58 lbs                   150-250+ lbs

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