Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem - Sept 30th & Oct 1st


Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem - Sept 30th & Oct 1st


Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem
AimTo introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner in Lake Water situations. This course serves as the prerequisite for Canoe Tripping & Moving Water Canoe courses. Successful completion of this course provides you with a great understanding of lake canoe paddling skills, manoeuvers, and knowledge. 


PrerequisitesCanoe Basics or previous paddling experience approved by the instructor. 


Course DatesSeptember 30th from 10am till 5pm & October 1st from 10am till 3pm


Class Ratio - 1 Instructor:10 Participants


LocationWascana Lake Marina off Broad Street


Program Overview


Theory: this course covers information and tips on preparing to canoe, safety regulations and safe canoe procedures, enviromental hazards, and an indepth review of the parts of the canoe, and canoe equipment. 


General Paddling Skills : Launch and Remove Canoe (shore or dock), Paddling Concepts (MITH, basic: hand placement), Paddling Mechanics (balance & trim, and pivot point), Stroke Terminology (catch, power phase, recovery), Switching Sides in Cadence, Body Position (centred on seat & reach with the shaft hand)


Paddling Strokes Learned : Forward and Reverse, Check (stop), Draw, Pry or Push Away, J Stroke, Rudder stroke, Low Brace


Manoeuvres (Performed on one side): Forward Straight Line Paddling (50 metres), Wide Turns (Triangular Course), Pivot Turns, Reverse Paddling – Backing Up, Left and Right Turns, Docking, Switching Ends in the Canoe (if time permits), Paddling in Cadence


About the Instructor


Geoff Horn has been an avid paddler for over 20 years and has taught lake water, canoe tripping, and moving watercourses for the past 16 years. Geoff is certified as a Lake Water Advanced Instructor Trainer, Canoe Tripping Advanced Instructor Trainer, and Moving Water Advanced Instructor Trainer and can teach courses for students, instructors, & instructor trainers for both tandem & solo canoeing. Geoff was primarily trained by Kevin Shultz and Ric Dreideger of Churchill River Canoe, but also has certifications from Madawaska Paddling School in Ontario.


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